Hi, Wonderful Ones!

Charli reports:  I picked The Other Side. I thought that The Other Side would be good and it was good!  A part of it was that the black girl made friends with a white . You should read this book.

Jacqueline Woodson has a very nice web site.  I hope you’ll visit it.  Our students very quickly placed the setting as in the time of young Martin Luther King, Jr.  We used an inference clue on the last page… we really thought that the fence that was going to be knocked down was the separation of blacks and whites.  The kids were glad to be able to say that MLK, Jr. helped to “knock this old fence down”.

We also read Max Found Two Sticks by Brian Pinkney.  This caused us to drum during reading, drum during math, well, you get the idea.  That was alright with me.  In fact, I started it!  Do you like musical books?  Tell us which ones are your favorites!  Here’s another cool percussion book from our Lookybook friends!

One thought on “Hi, Wonderful Ones!

  1. Sue

    Hi everyone,
    Great job on the book review Charli. Drumming makes you feel really good while your doing it and for a long time after you have finished. We did a drumming workshop last year, and now we love to drum when ever we can. Do you sound good, or do you just love making lots of crazy, loud noise?

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