It’s Groundhog Day, Wonderful Ones!

We had our first Native American book choice in our Diversity Rocks! Challenge, The Mud Pony by Caron Lee Cohan.  This book was chosen by MacKenzie.  I think she picked it because she has horses and really likes them.

We also graphed our prediction about the groundhog’s shadow on the smartboard.  We visited several fun blogs today, had comments from readers from many places, and wrote back to several.  Have a look at Gail Gibbons’ informational text on Groundhog Day.

MacKenzie reports:  The Mud Pony was an interesting book.  I really really enjoyed it.  It was a good book.  When the boy was little his parents left him.  He started to notice it and went to the river and grabbed some mud and started to make the mud pony.  The mud pony came to life and he helped the boy.  The boy became a chief and the mud pony went back to Mother Nature.