Organic Spelling and Star Wars


Sweet way to study!

Spelling notebooks have been created and we are hoping to come up with creative ways to study spelling patterns. It looks like Sadie has come up with a delicious recipe for learning! Thanks for the picture!

Spelling City has our lists for each remaining week of the school year. The link to our page can be found by clicking on Spelling City through our Sites We Like sidebar.

Found on a blog I follow (Hey Jude Blogspot): a link to Tom Scott’s – Star Wars Weather!  Type in your city and see what the weather is like.  Fun!


6 thoughts on “Organic Spelling and Star Wars

  1. Mackenzie

    Hi! mrs.wojtera I miss being in your class. I wish I was still in your class. I’m reading a book called Warriors Fire and Ice. Book 2 of the series. i remember alot about your class last year. I especially enjoyed lots of the reading. Second grade is fun. I just finished a test about Ancient Egypt. I have done alot of writing in writer’s workshop. I just finished a 7 page writing story. I hope to see you sometime soon. Your friend, Mackenzie

  2. Mrs. Wojtera

    Mrs. Harju’s class!! Hello! We were out of school for 2 days for mid-term teacher workdays and staff development. When we get back, we will look at your Haiti video. Can’t wait!

  3. Mrs. Wojtera

    Mackenzie! I have missed you on the blog! I’m glad you are enjoying Fire and Ice. I liked that book and series, too. I have all 6 in the Warrior series, plus Book 1, 2, and 3 in The New Prophecy series (2nd series of Warriors). Come and visit our library when you are ready for the next ones. Casey and Christopher will be glad to share with you.

    I would love to help you set up your own blog to share your writing. Please let me know if you are interested. I can help you before or after school when you are free. See you around the halls!

  4. Mackenzie

    Thank you Mrs. Wojtera. I would love to start my own blog. I can come by one afternoon maybe Thursday. I’m on chapter 11 of Fire and Ice. It is very exciting. Are you enjoying the snow? We have 14 acres to sleigh ride on. Our chickens do not like the snow. We had to put the door on the entrance of the coop so they could stay warm. They were freezing!! The snow is very cold. Our have had alot of birds at our bird feeder. We have seen morning doves, cardinals, blue jays and a red headed woodpecker. The chickadees were cute too. The horses have been running in the snow. They are beautiful. Your chilly friend Mackenzie

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