Our own Easter Bunny!


permission by flickrcc

Last week, we read Patricia Polacco’s Rechenka’s Eggs. You can download a beautiful Rechenka’s Eggs poster- just click here!

We loved the details in the story about Babushka’s eggs that she painted. Caleb was inspired and worked on his own eggs at his house. He poked holes in both ends, blowing out the egg white and yolk,  just like Babushka did!


Then he dyed his eggs with beautiful colors! We think Caleb is like the Easter Bunny! Thank you Caleb, for sharing your eggs.


6 thoughts on “Our own Easter Bunny!

  1. Mrs. Wojtera

    You are such a creative and inspiring learner! I’m a lucky teacher to have you in my class.

  2. Bobby Vaughan

    Thank you for sharing this story! I enjoyed it very much. I love your colorful eggs, Caleb! 🙂

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