What’s bugging you this summer?

I have seen a lot of interesting bugs recently!

It started yesterday when one was hitching a ride on the window of my car. I was driving, but slowed down to take a picture of this beetle.

car bug

I couldn’t identify him because he fell off before I got home. I have tried my field guides, but no luck.

Then on our screen door this morning, there was this beautiful moth. My field guide was no help, so I went to my computer.

window bug

I found out this is called the Giant Leopard Moth. Can you see how it got its’ name? I love the black and white legs of this moth, too.

I finally found a web site that has a pretty easy identification guide. It is called bug guide.net . There is a clickable guide on the left – just choose the closest looking thing to your insect body.

I also found this today on a plant in the yard. Actually there were three of these busy eating the leaves. I left them, because I think that is a weed. It’s okay with me if they eat it.
It is a Banded Net-Winged Beetle.  I also used the site Insects of West Virginia to help me find the common name of this beetle.

plant bug

I know you all are curious. Find an interesting insect and don’t let it bug you! Grab a photo, a parent, a guide book, or use the computer resources I have listed.

Let me know what you find!