We practice Word Work

We had a lot to learn about Word Work! We know it is fun and that it helps us become better spellers, readers, and writers.

We have a lot of materials for Word Work. First, we always use our iPods to listen to the podcast video of our word wall words. If we know all of the ones for this six weeks, we get to practice on the one that is just right for us!

On some days we work on our iPod in the Word Work folders. There are many games for us to play that help us learn about sounds and building words.

Other days we will work in the Word Study Case. It has so many fun things to do to build words! We write on the mirror, stamp, stencil, work with clay and wiki sticks and more.

We always try to keep our eyes on text the whole time and even if we have to move around the room a little, we go quietly so others can still learn. If we get started right away, we will have more time to learn!