Wheel Bug – up close

The wheel bug has armor that is shaped like a wheel or cog. It also has a long tube from its mouth called a beak. It uses its beak to feed on other insects. The wheel bug overwinters as eggs. What should we do with ours?

Here are some photos taken from our digital microscope from this interesting insect.

wheel wheel 10x

wheel bug 10x

check out the beak and wheel!


beak beak 10x


We couldn’t fit the lid of our cage under the microscope to view the eggs, so I had to hold the microscope VERY STILL with my hands. Luckily, Zyan was able to snap the photos from the smartboard right when I got it into focus. We are problem-solvers in first grade, for sure!

eggs 10xeggs 10x

eggs 60xeggs 60x

eggs from side eggs from the side