More camping stories

no deer

picture permission by flickrcc

More camping stories by the Wonderful Ones!

Andrew and Jaden went camping. They saw 10 boys, 3 girls, 5 men, and 6 women. How many campers did they see altogether?


On their camping trip, Noah and Shane saw 20 deer and 50 bears. How many animals did they see in all?


Jocelyn and Koreyon went camping. They saw 12 deer, 20 bees, 1 moose, and 2 cats. How many animals did they see altogether?


Sam caught  79 deer in the woods. Maggie caught 22 deer in the woods. How many deer did they catch altogether?


Caroline and Colt read 8 cat stories in their tent. Then they read 19 eagle stories. How many stories did they read?