Our Favorite Winter Activities

IMG_6264IMG_6265by Luke

I made a snowman with my mom and dad and my sisters. I looked at my snowman and I love it. And then I had a snowball fight. I got hit and I love that day I saw the moon.

IMG_6266by Isaac

I like to play in the snow in winter. My favorite is snowball fight. And I build a snowman. Then we have hot chocolate. I like winter.

IMG_6267by Jenny

My favorite is playing in the snow. I love winter.

IMG_6268by Kade

My outdoor thing is making a snowman. I put on wiggly arms. I put on a hat. I put on a pair of mittens. I put on some buttons. I also put on boots. I put on a nose. I put on a head. I put on a bellybutton. We took a picture together. I like my snowman.