More praying mantises!

I found two praying mantis egg cases in early March. I wanted to bring them in so we could observe how praying mantises hatch and how small they are!

We were about to give up – and just release these back outside, when today both egg cases hatched!

Our critter cage was lined with cheese cloth on the top, so no escaping could take place!

IMG_6673 IMG_6675 IMG_6674 IMG_6669


We hooked up the digital microscope and took some close-up pictures.

We can keep them just a few days, then release them into the garden area.

S20160412_0029 S20160412_0028

S20160412_0025 S20160412_0024 S20160412_0023 S20160412_0022

S20160412_0021 S20160412_0018

S20160412_0017 S20160412_0016 S20160412_0015 S20160412_0014

S20160412_0013 S20160412_0012 S20160412_0011 S20160412_0010

S20160412_0007 S20160412_0008

S20160412_0005 S20160412_0004