Summer Reading Program

Don’t forget to take part in the Summer Reading Program at the Public Library. The activities sound great, the prizes and rewards are exciting, but the benefits outweigh all those tangibles.

When I was little, my mother signed all four of us girls up for the library’s summer program every year. We had a limit of 5 books each, so we read each other’s books. Twenty books a week, all summer long. We’d climb trees and read books, taking turns being the one to climb down to make trades.

I’m sure there were activities, maybe even prizes; all I can remember is winning a pin each year. I still know where a few of these are… Right now, sticking in the wooden bookshelves in my library.


The thing I cherish most is a love of reading and the wonderful memories of reading with my sisters. Each one of us was and still is a voracious reader- thanks to our mother and the Ouachita Parish Public Library in West Monroe, LA.

Sign up now! The benefits last a lifetime, even if you don’t remember the prize you won!