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Animal Facts by Gabe

Gabe is writing daily chapters about animals. He tries to research through a variety of media (animal shows on tv and non-fiction books). Here is Chapter 3.

On Chapter 3, The King Cobra

The king cobra has a lot of very much poison. One time if you get bitten by a king cobra you die.

The man in this grave, he got bit by a king cobra.


Chapter 6 The Great White Shark

The Great White shark can live at Africa in the ocean.

Any time when the great white shark sees a person, it explodes out and strikes.


Rockets by Dawson

Rockets are awesome. They go to space. Since the gravity from earth pulls the spaceship down, it needs rocket boosters.

The rocket boosters push it into space. In space there’s no gravity so it can release them. They land in the water. There’s a boat waiting with a crane. It picks them up then they can be reused. When the rocket is finished the gravity from earth pulls it in.

It has a parachute to stop it. It also has wheels. It needs special tiles because the atmosphere could make it catch fire with these.

Cheetahs by Eli B.

I like cheetahs. They can outrun a car. Cheetas are fast. Cheetahs go fast because they rest a long time.

Lions and hyenas sometime steal a cheetah’s meal. Cheetahs live in savanas.

Cheetahs are like¬†camouflage because in the tall grass, you can’t see them and then they jump out on their prey. It’s prey is gazelles.

Eli G.’s story (The last of the I Spy series!)

Can you find two presents? Can you find two stockings?

Can you find thirteen ornaments? Can you find a toy train?

You are good at I Spy. You found all these things.

This is a Christmas I Spy. I like I Spy. It is fun.

The stockings are hanging on something. The ornaments are hanging on the Christmas tree.

The train is on the ground. The presents are yellow and blue.


Memoirs of a Goldfish


One of our new favorite classroom books is Memoirs of a Goldfish. It has us laughing out loud!

Many of the children have wanted to write their own version and here is Audrey’s.

Memoirs of a Goldfish

by Audrey, illustrations by Audrey

Day One: I turned upside down.


Day Two: I turned upside down twice.


Day Three: I thought about reading a book but fish don’t read books so I swam around my bowl.


Day Four: I got some food today, but just a pinch.


Day Five: I got more food today.


Day Six: I got some plants. I guess I’ll have to water them.


Day Seven: I got my bowl cleaned!

Bunnies, Birds, Parrots, and Ladybugs by Tommie Lou

Bunnies are cute. They have long ears. They hop a lot. They live in burrows. They have to have food, water, air, a home.

Birds have wings. They lay eggs. They make nests.They eat worms. They need food, water, air, and a suitable home. Its covering are feathers.

Parrots are colorful and pretty. Your mom wouldn’t let you have a pet parrot. They come from the wild. They need food, water, air, a suitable home.

Ladybugs have red bodies with black spots. When it rains they sit on a leaf with a leaf over it. It looks like it has no eyes. They have six legs.