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Wheel Bug – up close

The wheel bug has armor that is shaped like a wheel or cog. It also has a long tube from its mouth called a beak. It uses its beak to feed on other insects. The wheel bug overwinters as eggs. What should we do with ours?

Here are some photos taken from our digital microscope from this interesting insect.

wheel wheel 10x

wheel bug 10x

check out the beak and wheel!


beak beak 10x


We couldn’t fit the lid of our cage under the microscope to view the eggs, so I had to hold the microscope VERY STILL with my hands. Luckily, Zyan was able to snap the photos from the smartboard right when I got it into focus. We are problem-solvers in first grade, for sure!

eggs 10xeggs 10x

eggs 60xeggs 60x

eggs from side eggs from the side

A Fly in my Eye by Sofia and her friends

sofia gnat

Today at recess a gnat got in Sofia’s eye. She went to the nurse and the nurse said to keep rubbing it. It worked! The gnat came out later.



compound eye

We decided to look through the microscope to see Sofia’s gnat. We could see the compound eyes, the wings, the back and the whole body.


We liked looking through the microscope. Sofia did not like getting a gnat in her eye.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President

Our student teacher, Ms. Greenham, made a life-size drawing of Abraham Lincoln. We had fun on Friday as we compared our height to his.

Today, we looked at photos and drawings of log cabins, colored and cut a log cabin picture, then drew a scene around it. We also looked up close at Lincoln with our digital microscope.





permission by flickrcc

I’ll admit it – spiders make me nervous.

So when Joseph brings a spider out of his pocket today while saying “Can we look at this spider under the microscope?”, I know that I had a nervous look on my face!

But, I am the teacher… so I got Joseph to put the (dead) spider in a slide case with a lid and we explored it anyway. Because I am the teacher…

Here’s what we found!


spider head

spider leg

More microscope fun…

We are looking in a digital blue microscope. This week we are learning about bugs. by Anna

bee wing

Yesterday we got to see a bee with pollen on its leg. by Nate

We saw a bee under the microscope. The bee had pollen on its leg. It was really cool. by Ally

bee with pollen on leg

Under the microscope Mrs. Wojtera showed us a bee and a beetle. by Brian

We looked at a beetle under the microscope and a bee and pollen. by Joseph


We all see a bee in the microscope and a beetle.  by Jaylen

We are looking at bugs in the digital blue. A beetle and a bee. by Ethan


We are studying bugs and plants under a microscope. We looked at a plant, beetle, and a bee.  by Sophia

Under the microscope we looked at a bee and bee pollen and we looked at a beetle. Mrs. Wojtera caught it crawling and caught it. by Zaina


We’ve been putting things under the microscope. We put a caterpillar under it. We put a plant under it. We put a bee under it. We put a beetle under it. by Ellyson

Our Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

We had a great day at the pumpkin patch today! It was cold, but we were still able to conduct our science experiments, explore the corn maze, eat lunch, and pick the perfect pumpkin.

Back at school, we estimated and weighed our pumpkins, drew a picture of a jack-o-lantern, and got out our Digital Blue microscope. We were able to examine the parts of the pumpkin flower and vine. It was very interesting! We took snapshots and included them in our Smilebox creation.

Don’t forget to check out our pumpkin patch field trip stories. We scanned them and added them to our wikispace student pages.

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Lincoln, Valentine’s Day, and more.

We had a wonderful day today with Mrs. Alice coming to sing, sharing great books, reading our valentines with our new reading skills, and continuing our study about Abraham Lincoln.  To celebrate his 200th birthday yesterday, we took pictures of a penny with our Digital Blue microscope.Lincoln PennyLincoln Penny

Enjoy a three day weekend.  We are off for Presidents’ Day, but look for blog posts during the weekend.  I have a Valentine’s Day surprise for Saturday and a Presidents’ Day surprise for Monday.  Leave us a comment and we’ll write back!