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Welcome Wonderful Ones!

Dear Parents,

I am so excited about our first grade adventures together! This year will be a great one – I can just tell from meeting the children on the last day of school in June. 

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I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday, August 17th for Open House. Bring your school supplies with you!

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School Supply List



Class Supply List

  • 2 boxes Crayola Crayons (24 count)
  • 1 pair Fiskars scissors
  • 2 glue sticks
  • 1 pack of broad Crayola washable markers (classic colors)
  • plastic pencil box
  • pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga)
  • 2 spiral wide-ruled 70 pg. notebook
  • 1 container of wipes
  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • hand sanitizer and liquid soap (or refill)
  • $5.00 for National Geographic Magazine
  • Backpack (no wheels!)

Extras, if you can:

  • 1 pack of 24 twistable crayons
  • Ziplock baggies – gallon, quart, or snack size


Bring your school supplies to Open House, Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 3:00 – 6:00.

Safe Snacking at McHarg


photo permission by flickrcc

You may be wondering how to stay within the school’s wellness policy, be respectful of nut allergy students in our school, and satisfy your child at lunch and snack time… these are big questions if you haven’t had to think about them before!

I was looking around for some ideas myself, as I often purchase snacks for children who don’t bring any. I found this list and it is updated often. It also has a disclaimer, that even though a snack may be listed on their document, it is up to you to read the label and the manufacturer to provide current conditions on their labels. The list helps me to be more of a label reader and think ahead. We want all of our McHarg Terrific Kids to be safe!

They even have a Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 9.08.17 PMboard!

Click the Pinterest icon to check it out!

We practice Read to Someone


Read to Someone, Buddy Reading, Read with a Buddy… we call it many different things, but it is all good! We love to sit EEKK… Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee and share a good book with a friend.

If we keep our eyes on text and read the whole time, we really will become better readers. If we are quiet and stay in one spot, others around us will become better readers, too.


We think it is important to get started right away because we have no time to waste and we want to grow as readers and writers. We learn about working together, taking turns, giving support without telling all the words, and getting along.

We practice Listening to Reading

Did you know that Listening to Reading is a way to become a better reader and writer? When we listen to a fluent reader, we learn how to read more fluently ourselves!

We keep our eyes on text while we Listen to Reading and try to match the words we see with the words that we are hearing. This helps us learn and it is fun!

We get to use a lot of technology with Listen to Reading. We have our iPods that are filled with fun books to read. We also have about 100  books on CDs that have been put on our iPods as music files. We keep the books that go with those in the Tiger basket.

We can also use our desktop computers or the mini computers for Listening to Reading. We have a Sqworl that holds all our favorite sites. Check it out!

We practice Work on Writing

We get to Work on Writing every day! It helps us to be better readers, spellers, and writers. It is also fun because we get to write stories and draw pictures that go with our text.

We have learned that if we keep our eyes on text and write the whole time that we will learn more. We also know that if we write quietly that others around us will learn more, too.

We use the word wall to help us spell words and we think about what we are learning in our word study sorts and notebook to help us get words right. Don’t forget, we could be a word detective and look in a book!

We practice Word Work

We had a lot to learn about Word Work! We know it is fun and that it helps us become better spellers, readers, and writers.

We have a lot of materials for Word Work. First, we always use our iPods to listen to the podcast video of our word wall words. If we know all of the ones for this six weeks, we get to practice on the one that is just right for us!

On some days we work on our iPod in the Word Work folders. There are many games for us to play that help us learn about sounds and building words.

Other days we will work in the Word Study Case. It has so many fun things to do to build words! We write on the mirror, stamp, stencil, work with clay and wiki sticks and more.

We always try to keep our eyes on text the whole time and even if we have to move around the room a little, we go quietly so others can still learn. If we get started right away, we will have more time to learn!


We practice Read to Self

We have been training Read to Self since the first day of school! We have learned that practicing reading makes us a better reader and writer. It is also fun!

We have many cozy and comfortable places to sit for Read to Self. We get our Just Right Reading bags, find a quiet spot and get started right away. If we keep our eyes on text the whole time, we will learn to be better readers. If we are reading quietly, others around us will get to be better readers, too.


Wellness at McHarg

photo used with permission


Fun and healthy snack ideas are always welcome here at McHarg. We want to provide opportunities to grow healthy minds and bodies, so if you are bringing birthday treats, please consider something healthy.

Here are some quick ideas that many children enjoy:

Bananas, mini muffins, small apples, trail mix, snack bags of popcorn, mini boxes of raisins, and grapes,  just to name a few.

Leave a comment if you have other ideas you’d like to share with the class!


School begins soon!

picture used by permission flickrcc

Welcome back McHarg!

You will be amazed at the changes in our school. The summer has been good to our building and grounds and we are proud of our new look. We will be investigating some of these new changes and report back via the blog. Stay tuned!

I hope you will bring your school supplies to Open House tomorrow from 4-7. I would love to put those away on Friday to prepare for our first day on Monday.

Supply List:  (if you don’t have everything, just bring what you have – we have some extras of many things)

2 boxes Crayola Crayons (24 count), 1 pair Fiskars scissors, Elmer’s Glue Sticks, 8-10 classic color Crayola markers, plastic pencil box, 1 box of pencils, 2 spiral wide-ruled 70 page notebooks, tissues, soft soap, $4.00 for National Geographic Magazine.

See you soon!

Calendar happenings


Our Google Calendar permissions have been adjusted (thanks Mrs. K for letting me know you couldn’t see!).  I hope this will help you make some sense from the 6 day cycle over a 5 day week. It really isn’t as confusing as it sounds and laying it out on paper helps my visual learning style.

We have completed our social studies units of Citizenship, National Symbols, and Past, Present, and Future. Our focus will turn to the science side of things for the next few weeks as we explore tools that scientists use and the seasons.

We have covered some of the basic vocabulary of addition and subtraction and will soon be introducing some basic addition and subtraction strategies. Here is a game that will help practice basic subtraction skills. Click 1 and 2 for beginning levels (subtracting 1 and 2).

Classroom Collections

Our school participates in the Box Tops for Education program. Every box top coupon clipped is .10 for our school.


We have a cardboard coffee cup sleeve collection going! Bring in your used coffee cup sleeves (we’re reusing!) and making books for a writing project. Then we will have stories to share!