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Listening to Reading

IMG_5790 IMG_5789 IMG_5793 IMG_5791One thing we really enjoy is using our iPods for Listening to Reading. We have four folders of great stories on our iPod to listen to every day.

We have learned to wind up and store our ear buds properly to prevent tangles. We have learned how to listen safely, with the volume down. And we have learned how to place our hands on our throats when we’re singing along with our stories to check for vibrations. If our throat is vibrating, we might be disturbing our friends! It’s hard to tell when we’re wearing our ear buds!

Here are some of the 40 stories that we have on our iPods.

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We practice Listening to Reading

Did you know that Listening to Reading is a way to become a better reader and writer? When we listen to a fluent reader, we learn how to read more fluently ourselves!

We keep our eyes on text while we Listen to Reading and try to match the words we see with the words that we are hearing. This helps us learn and it is fun!

We get to use a lot of technology with Listen to Reading. We have our iPods that are filled with fun books to read. We also have about 100  books on CDs that have been put on our iPods as music files. We keep the books that go with those in the Tiger basket.

We can also use our desktop computers or the mini computers for Listening to Reading. We have a Sqworl that holds all our favorite sites. Check it out!

We practice Word Work

We had a lot to learn about Word Work! We know it is fun and that it helps us become better spellers, readers, and writers.

We have a lot of materials for Word Work. First, we always use our iPods to listen to the podcast video of our word wall words. If we know all of the ones for this six weeks, we get to practice on the one that is just right for us!

On some days we work on our iPod in the Word Work folders. There are many games for us to play that help us learn about sounds and building words.

Other days we will work in the Word Study Case. It has so many fun things to do to build words! We write on the mirror, stamp, stencil, work with clay and wiki sticks and more.

We always try to keep our eyes on text the whole time and even if we have to move around the room a little, we go quietly so others can still learn. If we get started right away, we will have more time to learn!


Word Wall Words (2nd six weeks)

Every day we work on improving our literacy by practicing The Daily Five components: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Work on Writing, and Listen to Reading.

Our Word Work sessions always start with our Word Wall videos on our iPods. Our goal is to try to read the word before we hear the recorded word. This daily practice only takes 5 minutes, but it is making a difference in our learning!


Here are the 2nd six weeks of word wall words. Now you can practice at home! If you want to review the 1st six weeks words, click here… or click on word wall words in the tag section.

word wall words unit 2

Math Girls and Boys


We have been using our iPod Touches to add some fun to our math lessons. We are working on some basic number concepts and basic addition and subtraction vocabulary.

Some of the apps we are using are Math Train, Number Sense, Math Girl, and SumsStacker. Some are easy and some are more challenging!

Take a peek at Numberella… a game found in Number Sense. You choose the biggest or smallest number and win trophies!


In SumsStacker, students are combining sets (dice dots, fingers, circles, coins, etc) to match given numerals. This can be a challenge! We really want to get better at this game – it will show that we know a lot about how numbers work.