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Camping Trip

We went camping today during math! Well, at least in our imagination!

We set up tents with sheets over our desks, had math camping stories written by our own selves, and we even had s’mores!

It was great fun and the students were able to ‘break camp’ and clean up the camp site while I rested from our journey.

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Camping is better with snacks!



image permission by flickr cc

We went camping for math today again! This time we had graham crackers and Hershey kisses for s’mores!

We took the story problems we wrote while camping last week. Then we solved everyone’s stories. It was fun and delicious!













More camping stories

no deer

picture permission by flickrcc

More camping stories by the Wonderful Ones!

Andrew and Jaden went camping. They saw 10 boys, 3 girls, 5 men, and 6 women. How many campers did they see altogether?


On their camping trip, Noah and Shane saw 20 deer and 50 bears. How many animals did they see in all?


Jocelyn and Koreyon went camping. They saw 12 deer, 20 bees, 1 moose, and 2 cats. How many animals did they see altogether?


Sam caught  79 deer in the woods. Maggie caught 22 deer in the woods. How many deer did they catch altogether?


Caroline and Colt read 8 cat stories in their tent. Then they read 19 eagle stories. How many stories did they read?


Camping out with math stories

We went camping in our classroom with our study buddies. We solved some camping math problems, then we wrote our own! Here are the camping stories. Try to solve!


picture permission by flickrcc

Bryant and Jacob went camping. They saw 20 bear, 50 moose, and 30 deer. How many animals did they see?


Sofia had 17 campfires and James had 6 campfires. How many did they have altogether?


Ella and Mustafa went camping. They saw 8 pink tents. 5 were blue, 2 are red, and 1 was green. How many tents did they see altogether?


Brooke and Zyan saw 7 catfish and 1 dogfish. How many fish did they see?


Katherine, Glenn, and Gavin went camping. Yesterday, they caught 2 fish. This morning they caught 4 fish. This afternoon they caught 41 fish. How many fish did they catch in all?

Snowy Fun with Subtraction

Hello Wonderful Ones! Let’s keep sharp with our subtraction facts!

Remember to put the smaller number in your head and count up to the greater number – solved like an unknown partner!

Choose from a fact family group this time – and challenge yourself, think big!

Fun4theBrain has got you covered for practicing your math!