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Pumpkin Patch trip




We had such a great time at the Pumpkin Patch this week. We studied all about the parts of the pumpkin, the pumpkin life cycle, and then experienced it all out on the farm. We took many pictures and videos – all posted on our web page. See below for links and enjoy! Click here for photos.

1194984146175437061zucca_architetto_frances_01.svg.medClick here for videos.

An Autumn Walk

As part of our science study about the seasons, the Wonderful Ones painted pictures. They worked hard to incorporate what we learned about the colors in fall, what animals are doing, what people might be doing, and the changes we see with plants.

I took close-ups of important parts of their paintings. See what autumn looks like to our first grade students.


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Fall Fun Day

We had a busy Monday and Tuesday this week. We had a Safety and Conservation Day on Monday and our Fall Fun Day on Tuesday. Our Fall Fun Day was an Appalachian theme and we enjoyed learning about the music, food, stories, farm animals, and tools of Virginia.

I combined pictures from the two days of fun so you could see what we’ve been up to! Enjoy!

Money from Sweden

We have been studying Economics and learning about needs, wants, consumers, producers, and saving money. We read a book about American money and the famous Americans on bills and coins.

Hanna was so nice to bring some money from Sweden for us to see. There were coins with the king and bills with a famous author and a famous scientist. The bills had rainbow and shiny silver colors in them. We passed them around to study them, then decided to look up close with the microscope.

We decided that money from Sweden is very beautiful!


Lined up and ready to go!


We have finished our first week of school! First graders are practicing all kinds of things in school. Here we are practicing how to line up to go somewhere. We have to face forward, stand quietly, and be still. This helps us stay peaceful and respectful in the hall.

There is something new on the blog today! I have added a page for our Google Calendar. Look at the top of the blog and you will see it. When you click on that page, you will find special dates for our school such as PSA meetings, school pictures, and our special activities scheduled for the week.

We have worked hard this week on learning the expectations for Read to Self, Work on Writing, and Listen to Reading. We even got three Daily 5 practice rounds in on Friday.


A B C: A Beautiful Classroom!

How would you like to read a book in this classroom?

Comfy cushions

Wouldn’t this area be cozy for reading to yourself?

Read to yourself!

Isn’t this the perfect place for working on word study?


How about word study at this Busy Bee Reading center?


You and your “Just-Right” reading bag… and a comfy cushion


Work on your writing!


Well, you can do all of those things and more in your beautiful classroom!

Spring is here and it is time for a fresh classroom!

Let’s read and learn together. See you on Monday.

Non-stop Monsters!

We are participating in an on-line monster project, so I know you want all the details!

We are entering a monster drawing contest for our friends over at Fun 4 the Brain! To get us ready, we asked Sadie’s dad (a real live artist!!!) to come and get our imaginations going with a monster workshop.

He read us stories and poems, brought monster books for us to look through, and really got us thinking about how to make our monster special by using our creativity.

“Mr. T” used our smartboard to show some examples, then he let us take turns adding our own features to create some class monsters. Everyone ended up with great first drafts, tucked away inside our journals to revisit tomorrow.

We will create a slide show of our best drawings when we finish, so check back to see what’s under your bed!

RIF comes to our classroom!

We had a visit from Mrs. O, our favorite representative of the Radford Woman’s Club! She brought us a good story and a bag full of books… for free! Amazing! The program is call Reading is Fundamental or RIF for short. This is our first of 3 visits this year.

We got to pick out a book, then we had our names put in them. We can’t wait until the next RIF day. Thank you Mrs. O and the rest of the Radford Woman’s Club!

While exploring the RIF web site, I found some great resources for reading! Try out this one – an Edward Lear poem called Calico Pie!

Calico Pie

Calico Pie

Our Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

We had a great day at the pumpkin patch today! It was cold, but we were still able to conduct our science experiments, explore the corn maze, eat lunch, and pick the perfect pumpkin.

Back at school, we estimated and weighed our pumpkins, drew a picture of a jack-o-lantern, and got out our Digital Blue microscope. We were able to examine the parts of the pumpkin flower and vine. It was very interesting! We took snapshots and included them in our Smilebox creation.

Don’t forget to check out our pumpkin patch field trip stories. We scanned them and added them to our wikispace student pages.

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Wonderful Ones Write!

We have been reading a book called Legs this week. It is a story that tells how animals use their legs. We decided that we could write a book all about arms and the way we use can use our arms.

Each student wrote their own book, then I took one page from each student and made it into a slide show to create a class book.

Mackenzie’s Trip to Washington, D.C.

We went to Washington, D.C. and we saw my cousins Nina, Natalie, and Nicholas.

We saw the Washington Monument. It was very tall. We saw the White House, the Capitol, the Lincoln and the Jefferson Memorials, the World War I and II Memorials, and the Korean War Memorial.

We also went to the National Gallery of Art and saw the suits of armor. We saw the Sculpture Gardens and the Smithsonian. It had the Hope Diamond and a big elephant and dinosaur skeletons and lots of fossils. It was very neat.

Mackenzie’s trip to San Francisco, California

I went to San Francisco, California to see my grandaddy Shelton. We had to drive to Charlotte, North Carolina. We had to take a plane from Charlotte, NC to Dallas, Texas and a plane from Dallas, Texas to San Francisco, CA. It was 3,000 miles!

We went to Muir Woods. We saw the oldest and tallest trees in the world. The Redwoods were the tallest trees! We saw a cute baby boy deer.

We went to Salsalito and saw lots of boats. We took a cruise ship under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz which is an old jail. Nobody ever escaped alive!! The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t really golden. It’s a reddish color. It’s supposed to be International orange.

We went down Lombard Street. It’s the crookedest road in the world. We walked up and down it. I rode a cable car which is like a caboose on a train. We saw some hang gliders. The ran off the clif and they soared everywhere.

I stuck my toe in the Pacific Ocean. It was cold!! I found a sand dollar.

It was my grandaddy’s birthday. He turned 84! It was cold and foggy in San Francisco but I had a great time!

Friday Night Baseball

Dalton and Zan are two of our At-the-Game Reporters. Here is their story about the Friday night Reading Night at the Salem Red Sox game.

At the Red Sox game me and Zan went down on the field and Mrs. Wojtera took pictures of us. Dalton wanted to get his hat signed. They shot T-shirts out of a hot-dog. You could win $ 500 in cash Dalton did not win but he did eat a hot-dog. Me and Zan got snow-cones. Me and Zan ran the bases.

Mackenzie and Austin were also at the game. They are reporting what they saw and enjoyed. Here are their stories.

Me and Mackenzie went to the Salem Red Sox game and we got to go on the field for the parade and circle around the field. We got some red things.  I got a ball, my big sister and my big brother had to have a plate with three cups on them and race around the bases.  My sister won – she got a t-shirt and the game was fun!

Mackenzie reports: I went  to  the base ball game I caught a soft baseball. Me and Austin  went on the field. We went parading. It was my first baseball game I ever went to. It was fun!

Math Centers – a fun way to learn!

We used our math games to practice addition, subtraction, telling time, counting money, and problem solving! Look at our slide show to see how we did all of this in one day.

Austin says it was fun to make those block puzzles and they were really cool! My favorite one was the sun.

Jordan says it was awesome sitting under Mrs. Wojtera’s desk. We played two games.

Mackenzie says it was fun to match up all the digital and regular clocks together. We pretended that all the power went down and all the clocks we matched up made the power go back up.

Auna says we took turns while we were reading the plus signs. We liked it and it was fun.

Abby says Zan and I worked on pentominoes and we made little animals.

Charli says Haley and I had a book and it had a binder. We matched up some blocks to the picture.

addition facts

Here’s one more fun way to practice some addition facts from Choose your character and swim fast!