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More praying mantises!

I found two praying mantis egg cases in early March. I wanted to bring them in so we could observe how praying mantises hatch and how small they are!

We were about to give up – and just release these back outside, when today both egg cases hatched!

Our critter cage was lined with cheese cloth on the top, so no escaping could take place!

IMG_6673 IMG_6675 IMG_6674 IMG_6669


We hooked up the digital microscope and took some close-up pictures.

We can keep them just a few days, then release them into the garden area.

S20160412_0029 S20160412_0028

S20160412_0025 S20160412_0024 S20160412_0023 S20160412_0022

S20160412_0021 S20160412_0018

S20160412_0017 S20160412_0016 S20160412_0015 S20160412_0014

S20160412_0013 S20160412_0012 S20160412_0011 S20160412_0010

S20160412_0007 S20160412_0008

S20160412_0005 S20160412_0004


Our Favorite Winter Activities

IMG_6264IMG_6265by Luke

I made a snowman with my mom and dad and my sisters. I looked at my snowman and I love it. And then I had a snowball fight. I got hit and I love that day I saw the moon.

IMG_6266by Isaac

I like to play in the snow in winter. My favorite is snowball fight. And I build a snowman. Then we have hot chocolate. I like winter.

IMG_6267by Jenny

My favorite is playing in the snow. I love winter.

IMG_6268by Kade

My outdoor thing is making a snowman. I put on wiggly arms. I put on a hat. I put on a pair of mittens. I put on some buttons. I also put on boots. I put on a nose. I put on a head. I put on a bellybutton. We took a picture together. I like my snowman.



We love our Veterans!

Where did the birds go?

IMG_5311 The birds nesting in the pool toy bag on our deck are gone! We watched the parents feed the babies all week, then Saturday, they were gone. I guess flying lessons started.

Speaking of birds flying away, did you notice our blog had a new look? Let me know what you think about it with a post-it!

Animals by Parker

I like jaguars and wolves. They are my favorite animal. I like jaguars because they are fast. I like wolves because they are pretty.

I like rhinos and hippos. I like rhinos because they have horns. I like hippos because they have a big mouth.

I like giraffes because they have a tall neck. I like monkeys because they can swing from tree to tree.

I like gorillas because they can beat their chest. I like dogs because they bark. I like cats because they meow.

I like turtles because they are slow. I like rabbits because they hop. I like moles because they dig.

I do not like skunks because they have the worst smell in the whole wide world!


St. Lucia

Hanna shared the Swedish tradition of St. Lucia with us today. Hanna sang the Santa Lucia song and had a crown of candles. She passed out a special chocolate covered soft toffee candy. It was very good!

Hanna’s mother shared some of their Christmas traditions such as candles on trees, special foods, and advent calendars.


What’s bugging you this summer?

I have seen a lot of interesting bugs recently!

It started yesterday when one was hitching a ride on the window of my car. I was driving, but slowed down to take a picture of this beetle.

car bug

I couldn’t identify him because he fell off before I got home. I have tried my field guides, but no luck.

Then on our screen door this morning, there was this beautiful moth. My field guide was no help, so I went to my computer.

window bug

I found out this is called the Giant Leopard Moth. Can you see how it got its’ name? I love the black and white legs of this moth, too.

I finally found a web site that has a pretty easy identification guide. It is called bug . There is a clickable guide on the left – just choose the closest looking thing to your insect body.

I also found this today on a plant in the yard. Actually there were three of these busy eating the leaves. I left them, because I think that is a weed. It’s okay with me if they eat it.
It is a Banded Net-Winged Beetle.  I also used the site Insects of West Virginia to help me find the common name of this beetle.

plant bug

I know you all are curious. Find an interesting insect and don’t let it bug you! Grab a photo, a parent, a guide book, or use the computer resources I have listed.

Let me know what you find!

Happy Birthday, Blog!


picture permission by flickrcc

Our blogoversary is here again!

Screen shot 2010-11-30 at 6.10.20 PM

Our blog by the numbers:

Countries that visited our blog this year: 72

Visitors to our blog this year: 4,784

Screen shot 2010-11-28 at 6.18.17 PM

Comments this year: 280

Screen shot 2010-11-30 at 6.34.01 PM

Spam: yeah, we had some of that, too.  🙁

Student writing this year: 40

Voice threads, Wall Wishers, and more!

Since our blog began we have had 9,369 visitors to our blog with over 700 comments from our world-wide audience.

We are looking forward to more visitors, more countries, and more comments in our next year.

Sadie’s Adventure Story (part 1)

permission cc flickr

permission cc flickr

Once upon a time there was a princess who longed to go adventuring.

One day when everyone was asleep, she escaped with a knight. She finally got to explore the world. She was happy.They came to a stream and a wood. The princess was scared. The knight carried her through the stream.

They came to the wood. There was no chance of getting away from the wood. They had to go into the wood. They went in the wood and found a mansion. They went into the mansion. Inside the mansion there was…

acrobats! But they were not ordinary acrobats, they were Chinese acrobats. They asked if they wanted to go with them. They said Yes! So they began on their journey.

Before long they came to a lake. They swam in it. They crossed the lake and came before a castle. The castle was abandoned. All of them went in, but they did not know it was a ship called the Sea Barnacle and it was haunted.

They sat to take a rest. When they woke up they were in a cellar, a deep, dark cellar. When they went to the top, the princess was gone. One of the acrobats knew it was haunted. One believed her; the rest did not.

Soon they went into the haunted castle. Then they believed the one for they saw a ghost. But the ghost was a good one. His name was Casper. Casper showed them the treasure chamber. There was a dustly lamp.

One acrobat rubbed the lamp. A genie came out of the lamp. Everyone was astonished!

The genie asked everyone what they wanted. They all wisely asked that he would be their genie and take orders and be free. It was so nice with a group. They were happy.

They met a dog and cat too. It was nice. The princess was a warrior maiden. She was good at sword fighting. Then a swarm of ghosts came. They were bad. It was time for the princess to show her skills. The ghosts got really mad. They called their leader, the vampire.

He was scary. Everyone trembled in fear. The knight pulled out his sword. His sword was sharp. He fought with courage. He was good at sword fighting. Then the vampires friends came.

Everyone froze. Everyone except the bad guys and the knight. Then they stopped.

They instantly fell in love with the princess. The vampire said that they would be friend with the good guys if they would hand over the girl. The knight was not happy with that. He just had to trick the vampire. He had to trick the ghosts.

He thought and he thought and thought until he finally thought of it. He told everyone but the bad guys. Everyone loved his plan.

This is not the end of the story… Sadie is surely going to send us the ending – which we will post here as an update!