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Safety on the Web

the web

image by permission flickrcc

Our class has been learning about internet safety. Because we work on computers, Smartboards, laptops, and iPods individually and in groups every day, it is important that we learn how to use our technology in a safe, responsible manner.

Some of our rules (in 1st graders’ words):

  1. If your teacher or your parent doesn’t give permission to click, don’t go there.
  2. Don’t click on ads, no matter how sparkly!
  3. If something is telling you that you won a prize, it is a trick – don’t touch it!
  4. Don’t make copies of pictures, games, or material that you don’t have permission to share.
  5. If something or someone asks for personal information, it is probably a trick. Don’t touch it, and tell a grown-up!

Now, what is personal information?

We talked about this in detail. We understand that you should not share your full name, your address, your parents’ names, or the names of your other family members.

So what can we share? Well, I thought about the 7 Random Things that I have seen passed around several blogs. The idea is that if you get tagged by someone,  you write 7 random things about you that may surprise other people about you, but that won’t reveal any personal information. Even though we were never tagged, it sounded like a great idea for a writing project.

Look ahead in the following days for our 7 Random Things blog posts from each student in our class. Feel free to write your own for your blog, or put them in our comment section! We would love to hear from others. Please link back to our blog if you use this idea in your class blog!

Organic Spelling and Star Wars


Sweet way to study!

Spelling notebooks have been created and we are hoping to come up with creative ways to study spelling patterns. It looks like Sadie has come up with a delicious recipe for learning! Thanks for the picture!

Spelling City has our lists for each remaining week of the school year. The link to our page can be found by clicking on Spelling City through our Sites We Like sidebar.

Found on a blog I follow (Hey Jude Blogspot): a link to Tom Scott’s – Star Wars Weather!  Type in your city and see what the weather is like.  Fun!


iTeach with iTouch!


Wow!  Happy New Year! We have had such a busy week getting back into our schedule, learning more, writing and reading more, singing more, and doing more math. Yes, we really are that busy!

We have a new addition to our classroom – our first 5 Apple itouch ipods! They are loaded with sing-along videos, read-along books, math practice apps, and more!

Check out these pictures!

Some student reporters write about our new tools below.

Grayson reports:

At McHarg School, in class on the ipod touches I’ve seen Spider Man and the backwards alphabet. I did one boxing one and I did the other boxing one, and the elephant song. I’ve seen q and u. I like them! Yaaaa!

Gilliam writes:

I like the ipods. The ipods are fun. There are lots of math games on it. There are lots of movies on it. We like the ipods. I like all of the movies.

Maggie reports:

Mrs. Wojtera has ipod touches. We do use the ipod touches. My class loves the ipods. We play math games and we watch the videos. My class loves it. We can color on the ipod touches.

Sadie reports:

I have ipods in my classroom. The ipods have movies. It has math problems in them. I like them, they are cool.

Happy Birthday, Blog!!

Happy Birthday to our Blog!

Happy Birthday to our Blog!

I can’t believe it is here – the one-year birthday of this blog!


Here is our year by the numbers…

132 posts


4505 visitors


72 countries



We’d love to hear your thoughts on the first year of our blog. Please leave a comment!

Tiny Memories

Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop

We are continuing to work on writing our memories in writing workshop. We have Fall Fun Day tomorrow, so no time to write or record! We will be back on Wednesday and try to record Volume II of our Memories VoiceThread.

I have prepared a directory on Text 2 Mind Maps, so you will know in which Volume your memory will be found.

VoiceThread Memories

VoiceThread Memories

The Wonderful Ones make a Wordle!

Today we made a list of 60 words that began with the m sound. Then we typed them into wordle and made a beautiful picture of our words. We printed a copy for our classroom door and we want to share it on our blog post.

m wordle

m wordle

image by

We have had a great first two days of school! We have been busy learning the dismissal routine, the Terrific Kid rules, strategies for solving new words, the rules for good communication, and a lot of new songs!

Stop back later this week for photos of our first week of school with Mrs. Wojtera’s Wonderful Ones.

Math Centers – a fun way to learn!

We used our math games to practice addition, subtraction, telling time, counting money, and problem solving! Look at our slide show to see how we did all of this in one day.

Austin says it was fun to make those block puzzles and they were really cool! My favorite one was the sun.

Jordan says it was awesome sitting under Mrs. Wojtera’s desk. We played two games.

Mackenzie says it was fun to match up all the digital and regular clocks together. We pretended that all the power went down and all the clocks we matched up made the power go back up.

Auna says we took turns while we were reading the plus signs. We liked it and it was fun.

Abby says Zan and I worked on pentominoes and we made little animals.

Charli says Haley and I had a book and it had a binder. We matched up some blocks to the picture.

addition facts

Here’s one more fun way to practice some addition facts from Choose your character and swim fast!

A Wonderful Wednesday

The McHarg News

Okay, the newspaper clipping is fake… I wrote it myself, but that doesn’t mean I am any less proud of my Wonderful Ones and their accomplishments!  Seeing them navigate their blog posts, looking for their favorite song, seeing what their blogging buddies from Australia are up to, writing a post, or leaving a comment makes me very happy to be their teacher.

I can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish this year!

Hello Wonderful Ones!

our special seat to read our writing

This is our special chair.  We will sit in it to read our stories that we write.  You are invited to come and read to us and then you will get to use the reading chair! 

Notice our wiki badge on the right.  It now has our weekly word wall list.  Please open and print to study your word wall words.  It has the February menu (which is not being sent out on paper unless requested), and our January and February Curriculum Calendar.  I would love for you to see the Curriculum Calendar.  It is an overall view of what we are working on during the month, referenced with SOLs.  I hope it is easy for you to use.  If you encounter any problems accessing these forms, feel free to e-mail, leave a comment, or call me at school.

Hello Wonderful Ones!

Join the Diversity Rocks! Challenge






Look what I found!  Our class accepts the challenge and is ready to accomplish the mission!  We will be sure to keep track in the classroom with a list on the wall, posting on the blog, and by adding to our Shelfari list.  We will enjoy classifying our books as much as we will continue to enjoy a diverse collection of literature. 

Hello Wonderful Ones!

I hope to get some projects posted on the blog soon.  The first graders are working hard to read more fluently, write with stamina, and be more independent spellers.  That is a huge undertaking.  We want to publish a few digital stories along with completing our regular school work!  Send your ideas and comment on ours!  We can’t wait to hear from you.

Hello Wonderful Ones!

To parents and teachers,

I am experimenting with building a blog!  I hope to discover and develop ways to use it for teaching and learning.  If you have any comments, questions, or just want to cheer me on, please comment!  I am on a journey, teaching myself by exploring other blogs, reading posts, searching, twittering, and many other exciting things.  More information about my classroom can be found on my web page.