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We are all Virginians!

In Social Studies this week, Ms Schamus had our class create a Voice Thread that shows how we are alike and different.

We each drew a picture of ourselves and shared something special about who we are. We are diverse, but we are all part of the same community.

We can be scientists!

We have been exploring ways that we can be scientists by using our 5 senses, simple tools, and our curiosity.We took some time this week to study some interesting objects with our eyes, hand magnifiers, and our digital microscope.

We hope you will like our voicethread explaining what we saw. Please add your ideas – we would love to hear from you.

Listen to what we have to say!

Voicethread is a way to collaborate, communicate, and have conversation about what we are learning.

This week we have made a voicethread about Read to Self.

Read to Self is one of our Daily Five tasks that we will be using every day. We try to stay focused on our books to become better readers and writers while having fun reading!

Please listen to our voicethread to hear what we have to say about our learning, then add your own thoughts about what you like about reading!

Friday Poetry

We have been reading poetry, talking about poetry, and writing some poetry.

Here is a poem we wrote together, and some students were willing to share one of their first poems they have written.  Please leave comments either on the post or on the voicethread.  We write for an audience!

The Wonderful Ones write a poem

We wrote a class poem today about baseball.  First, we thought of a lot of words that had to do with baseball.  We typed them on the smartboard. Then we moved each word into the order that we wanted – sometimes we repeated words.

The students wanted to record it, and thought about dropping a jing image into voicethread. It was a great idea, even if I didn’t think of it! Here is our voicethread called Baseball.  Feel free to leave a comment about our poem, or tell us your favorite baseball team.

Wonderful Ones speak out on space!

We wrote facts about the sun, the moon, and our Earth.  We made books to take home today and also recorded our best facts on our Space Voice Thread.  We hope you’ll enjoy listening to our work.  Feel free to add a comment to add to our learning!

Friday Wrap up

Auna chose a charming book called Brown Angels: An Album of Pictures and Verse by Walter Dean Myers.  It is a book of antique photographs of African American children, and poems inspired by each photograph.  This might be my favorite new find!  Her book review will be posted next week.

Yesterday we worked with our post we made for our Australian friends.  It got a few comments from across the globe last night.  I am so pleased that people are interested in what Mrs. Wojtera’s Wonderful Ones have to say!

We have a voice thread to share.  It is from one of our literacy centers this week.  The children were sharing their thoughts on what they like to do on a snowy day.  Share your thoughts with us by comments or by adding to the voice thread!

Thursday’s book reviews and our first voicethread!

Who needs to add more to this student book review?  Excellent reporting by Dalton:

The Gift of the Sacred Dog is a Native American book.  It is by Paul Goble.  It is about some Indians that have no more food and a boy went to the sun and asked it if it would give them more food.  It gave them the sacred dogs.  It said to take good care of them and they will get you more food.  The Gift of the Sacred Dog is a good book from Dalton.

Here is our Famous Americans voice thread.  We hope you’ll enjoy it!