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Snow Line

It’s time for the annual posting of the fun game, Snow Line.

I hope you had a very nice Christmas! Go back in the blog and enjoy the holiday games and your friends’ stories.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you’ve been doing during the break! I will see you in January!


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Holiday music

These holiday blog posts are reposted from last year. Enjoy some holiday fun for the next few days!

Screen shot 2010-12-18 at 9.13.26 AM

Here is a little holiday fun for you.

Leave me a comment to let me know how you like it!

Skip Counting

We like to practice skip counting! We have fun songs to help us remember how to skip count by 10, 5, and 2.

Here are a few games to practice those math skills, too.

Counting by 2!

Practice skip counting by 5 and 10.

Calendar happenings


Our Google Calendar permissions have been adjusted (thanks Mrs. K for letting me know you couldn’t see!).  I hope this will help you make some sense from the 6 day cycle over a 5 day week. It really isn’t as confusing as it sounds and laying it out on paper helps my visual learning style.

We have completed our social studies units of Citizenship, National Symbols, and Past, Present, and Future. Our focus will turn to the science side of things for the next few weeks as we explore tools that scientists use and the seasons.

We have covered some of the basic vocabulary of addition and subtraction and will soon be introducing some basic addition and subtraction strategies. Here is a game that will help practice basic subtraction skills. Click 1 and 2 for beginning levels (subtracting 1 and 2).

Sqworl for math

Sqworl for math

We have a few favorite sqworls in our classroom already: our sqworl for listening to reading, and our sqworl for exploration and fun.

I am working to build a math sqworl that would give some practice on some essential skills for math if you are a new first grader, or a former Wonderful One looking to practice your skills.

Try out some of the activities by clicking on the squirrel… he will take you there!

Coloring your vacation

Have you thought about subtraction lately? You might have been taking a subtraction vacation?

Here’s a fun way to practice a little so you don’t forget your skills! Thanks fun4thebrain!

Screen shot 2011-06-23 at 9.59.59 AM

Just click on the picture and practice! I hope you’re having a great vacation!

Pinkafy yourself!

Remember all the Pinkalicious books we shared this year? Alexis was the first to introduce me to that character, then Zaina and Anna – but I have to admit that even the guys liked the books. The books are some fun reading and the public library has those to check out for FREE!

Here is a website I found that you can Pinkafy yourself. Oh yes, I put myself in right away… with cupcakes!


After that, I decorated cupcakes in the game section and listened to a story read by Pinkalicious. Just click on the Kids section, then the Listen button with the bee. There is more to explore!

If you find something good, leave us a comment!

Line them up!

Line up these paper clips to measure the school items. We’re practicing measuring things!


Can you do this in your own kitchen? Measure a spatula with beans! Measure a loaf of bread with apples! Get creative – leave a comment to tell us what you did.