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School is cool!

We have been working hard in first grade this week. We have come up with a list of cool school tools that we love to use around the classroom.

We worked in pairs with our bucket of notebooks and colored pencils to come up with a list of school nouns. Then the words were typed into an application called Tagul that makes word clouds. Here is a screen shot of our word cloud.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.23.54 PM

Goodbye, Ms. Heath!

For Work on Writing we made a wordle for Ms. Heath. We wrote down things about Ms. Heath because she is leaving today.

We used our wordle notebooks, our wordle colored pencils, and we had a good time. We designed our words into a heart and we chose her favorite colors.

Trent says Ms. Heath is cool and awesome.

Joseph says everybody will miss you!

Caleb says I will miss you, Ms. Heath. I hope you have a good time.

Anna says I hope you have fun at Belle Heth.

Jacob says I will miss you, Ms Heath. You are the best teacher in the world!


Antonyms are Opposites!

Today we discovered that we knew a lot about antonyms or opposites.

First we filled our smartboard with pairs of antonyms and then got with our couch buddy to think of more.

Then we used our wordle bucket (a pail of notepads and colored pencils) and collaborated with our partner to come up with 3 pairs of antonyms.

Last we entered our text into wordle and chose the design we liked best.

We challenge our blog readers to add a comment and think of three pairs of antonyms to add to our learning. Please leave them in your comment!

Antonyms are opposites!

Antonyms are opposites!

Sadie’s mom made an antonym wordle for us! Let’s see if we can pair up those antonyms!

Sadie's mom's wordle

More antonyms from readers of our blog!

more antonyms!

more antonyms!

Wordle: Simple Antonyms

The Wonderful Ones make a Wordle!

Today we made a list of 60 words that began with the m sound. Then we typed them into wordle and made a beautiful picture of our words. We printed a copy for our classroom door and we want to share it on our blog post.

m wordle

m wordle

image by

We have had a great first two days of school! We have been busy learning the dismissal routine, the Terrific Kid rules, strategies for solving new words, the rules for good communication, and a lot of new songs!

Stop back later this week for photos of our first week of school with Mrs. Wojtera’s Wonderful Ones.

Shopping lists and stories

Big Check

Our class has been busy trying to decide what to buy with our $4000.00.  We each wrote down what we thought we should buy and made it into a wordle. Here is our wordle with our shopping list.

Shopping List

More stories from the class reporters:


Mackenzie writes: Mrs. Wojtera won the Virginia Lottery 2009 Super Teacher Award! She got 2 checks for $2,000! She will use some of her money to buy video cameras. I was with Mrs. Wojtera on the blog. The news people interviewed me. It was exciting. It made me happy to be on tv.


Auna reports: That was awesome! Mrs. Wojtera won and she won $2,000 dollars and flowers and a magic wand, a blanket, and chap stick.


Zan writes: Mrs. Wojtera is the super teacher of the year. She won $2,000 dollars. And she got a credit card. She got to be on the news.

3 R’s Wordle

We are thinking of ways that we help the Earth at home.  Austin said these words belong on a wordle, so here is our post today!  Thanks Austin!

We went on a ‘video’ field trip to a recycling center and discovered what the centers do with our cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal that we recycle.

We are also working to discover which R is better for us: Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle? We think we know the answer, but will do more investigating this week.

The 3 Rs

A Wonderful Wednesday Wordle

It was a Wonderful Wednesday and we celebrated by creating a wordle.  It was a rainy day and we needed our recess!  We gathered our games and our friends for some fun.  Then we wrote about it! We used our tiny notebooks and tiny colored pencils to collect our thoughts.

tiny notebooks and colored pencils

Then our thoughts were typed into wordle!  We captured the screenshots we liked with Jing and chose one to post today. Here is our poem!

Rainy Day Recess

Dog Action Wordle










This is our beautiful wordle!  Each student wrote down three dog action words while Mrs. W. typed them into wordle.  If you haven’t tried this before, it’s not that hard!  Use Jing to capture the screen image.  Sue Waters talks about all the issues in her post.  Check it out! 

The larger the word, the more times it occured in the students’ answers.  We usually have been making these ‘word webs’ on the smartboard, but this seems much more fun.  We will try taking this image and pasting it into our smart notebook file where the word web would have been written.

Jordan chose our book today.  It was Sukey and the Mermaid.  We loved this book!  Our students gasped at the what was happening on each page.  It reminded us of so many different fairy tales.  We had some technology services unavailable to us today, so Jordan will be back tomorrow with her post, as well as Wednesday’s student.  

Projects in the works: Photo Story 3 for our friends in Australia, update on the Diversity Rocks! Challenge, and more!  Please come back and please leave us a comment!  We love to write back to our friends.