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Snakes by Elijah

I love snakes and they are very dangerous and they are very mean. But they can be nice.

But the way that you can tell that they are nice or mean is their face. If the face is a triangle or if it is a oval.

There are kinds of rattlesnakes. There is a snake called a cotton mouth. All of these snakes are fast, even the nice ones.

School Advice by Eli G.

If you be kind you can make friends. If somebody is bullying someone, tell a teacher or another adult.

Listen to your teacher. Always follow directions. Keep yourself to your self.

Be quiet when a teacher is reading. Sit crisscross apple sauce. Stay in one spot.

Don’t interrupt while the teacher’s talking. Never say mean things about anybody. It will hurt their feelings.

Never roll on the carpet.


My Pet Dinosaur by Helen

One day my pet dinosaur went to school with me. He is invisible.

Before we clothed the garage door, he ran out and chased the car to school.

Then he sits on the rug to listen to a story and morning announcements, then does Daily 5. He is going to do Read to Self because he likes to read. I’m going to read with him.

Then we do math. We use math boards for math. Then we go to lunch to eat pizza. Then we leave. First, we throw our trash away, then get in a line.

Then we go to class and do word study and sort and quick name. Then we get a book from the reading castle and read it.

Saber Tooth Tigers by Samantha

Saber tooth tigers lived with the dinosaurs. They had long fangs. They ate meat.

Saber tooth tigers were the big cats of the past. They were cool and dangerous.

They are exciting like dinosaurs. They look like cheetahs without spots and long fangs. They had sharp claws. They use their claws to hunt and protect. They eat meat.  They hunted dinos like tyrannosaurs.

Saber tooth fossils might be in museums. Saber tooth tigers are awesome!

Wild Cats by Dawson

I love wild cats. They are cool. There are leopards, tigers, lions, cheetahs, jackals, caracals and so on.

I know a lot about them. I also know a lot about fierce predators. Wild means that they don’t depend (don’t need someone to help them) on people to feed them.

Did you know that foxes are more dangerous than wolves? The answer is yes. Even though foxes aren’t big enough to beat up a person they carry a deadly disease called rabies. Rabies are very bad if you catch them. They’re hard to get rid of. Different animals have them like skunks.

I love wild cat and fierce predators!

School Stories by Amyha

We got a new teacher. Her name is Ms. Greenham. I like learning.

We have learned about Benjamin Franklin. It is fun learning. Now we are learning about Abraham Lincoln. He was our 16th President.


I like where I sit. I like the people I sit with.  They are my friends. It is fun at my table. I like school. School is fun. I like to learn.

an adventure by Brice

They’re ready!

We are ready too, coach!

Let’s do this, coach!

We are ready said Alex and you have to do good tomorrow.

We have to defeat the bad guys.

Stop joking around Josh and Alex, let’s take them down! Let’s show them boys how it’s done. Take them down, I mean it!

How Pumice is Formed by Samantha

This is how pumice is formed. Stage one: there is molten inside a volcano. Stage two: the volcano erupts. Stage three: the lava dries. Stage four: pumice is formed.

Pumice is a type of lava rock.Pumice rocks have air bubbles.

Was it different back them? Yes! What doe a pumice rock have that no other rock has? Air bubbles! Pumice is cool!

Animal Facts by Gabe

Gabe is writing daily chapters about animals. He tries to research through a variety of media (animal shows on tv and non-fiction books). Here is Chapter 3.

On Chapter 3, The King Cobra

The king cobra has a lot of very much poison. One time if you get bitten by a king cobra you die.

The man in this grave, he got bit by a king cobra.


Chapter 6 The Great White Shark

The Great White shark can live at Africa in the ocean.

Any time when the great white shark sees a person, it explodes out and strikes.


Rockets by Dawson

Rockets are awesome. They go to space. Since the gravity from earth pulls the spaceship down, it needs rocket boosters.

The rocket boosters push it into space. In space there’s no gravity so it can release them. They land in the water. There’s a boat waiting with a crane. It picks them up then they can be reused. When the rocket is finished the gravity from earth pulls it in.

It has a parachute to stop it. It also has wheels. It needs special tiles because the atmosphere could make it catch fire with these.

Cheetahs by Eli B.

I like cheetahs. They can outrun a car. Cheetas are fast. Cheetahs go fast because they rest a long time.

Lions and hyenas sometime steal a cheetah’s meal. Cheetahs live in savanas.

Cheetahs are like camouflage because in the tall grass, you can’t see them and then they jump out on their prey. It’s prey is gazelles.