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Stuffed Animals and Stink Bugs

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7 Random Things by Emma H.-C.

1  My  dog  doesn’t  get  my  cat  and  my  cat  gets  my  dog.

2  At  my  dad’s  house  I  have  stink   bugs   near   my   bed.

3 I   got  bitten  by  a  dog  because   I  was  acting  like  a  cat.

4  I have  to  go  to  the  bath  room  every   night.

5  I  sleep  with  my  mom  not  in  my  bed.

6. When I was a baby, I held my parents’ leg.

7. I have like 100 stuffed animals.

Dogs and Bikes


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7 Random Things by Makenzie

1. My dogs are Gracie and Zoe and Summer.

2. My name is Makenzie.

3. I like dogs.

4. I fell off my bike.

5. I like dogs because they are cute.

6. I just love dogs.

7. I used to have pet rats in my house, but we gave them away.

Korey is a Wrestling Fan

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7 Random Things by Korey

1. I    like     to          play         my     playstation.

2. I play WWE and WWF.

3. I like stone cold Steve Austin.

4. My wrestling name would be Kane.

5. I would like to ride a bike.

6. I would like to have a four wheeler.

7. I would like to have a dirt bike.

Rocks, Cake, and Books


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Sadie’s 7 Random Things

1. I broke my toe when I dropped a big rock on my toe.

2. I threw up because I ate too much cake, but I didn’t eat much.

3. I’m not good at writing.

4. I am crazy!

5. I don’t like to read certain books.

6. I like other people to read to me.

7. I like boy stuff.  Whoa!

Big Bird, Barbie, and Cat Whiskers

Mrs. Wojtera’s 7 Random Things

Hey Big Bird

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1.  I have played percussion with Big Bird from Sesame Street and Bruce Hornsby, but not on the same concert.

2.  I still have all of my Barbies, my Barbie Dream House, car, clothes, and every accessory, including Barbie’s Nat King Cole records, even though I don’t play with them anymore.

3.  I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy.

4.  I wanted to play tuba but my mother made me play percussion because I had braces. She was right.

5.  I learned to read when I was 3 and got in a lot of trouble for doing it! I read a note off the teacher’s desk about the zoo field trip and then told the whole preschool class. I guess it was supposed to be a surprise…

6.  I collect cat whiskers that I find while cleaning the house; I never just take them from a cat.

7.  I am scared of cockroaches, hair (found on the floor), scary movies, touching raw meat, and eggs, but I love thunderstorms, tornado weather, and lizards.


You are supposed to ‘tag’ other people to write their 7 Random Things, but we just hope you’ll be so inspired by our posts that you will add your 7 Random Things in a comment!

Safety on the Web

the web

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Our class has been learning about internet safety. Because we work on computers, Smartboards, laptops, and iPods individually and in groups every day, it is important that we learn how to use our technology in a safe, responsible manner.

Some of our rules (in 1st graders’ words):

  1. If your teacher or your parent doesn’t give permission to click, don’t go there.
  2. Don’t click on ads, no matter how sparkly!
  3. If something is telling you that you won a prize, it is a trick – don’t touch it!
  4. Don’t make copies of pictures, games, or material that you don’t have permission to share.
  5. If something or someone asks for personal information, it is probably a trick. Don’t touch it, and tell a grown-up!

Now, what is personal information?

We talked about this in detail. We understand that you should not share your full name, your address, your parents’ names, or the names of your other family members.

So what can we share? Well, I thought about the 7 Random Things that I have seen passed around several blogs. The idea is that if you get tagged by someone,  you write 7 random things about you that may surprise other people about you, but that won’t reveal any personal information. Even though we were never tagged, it sounded like a great idea for a writing project.

Look ahead in the following days for our 7 Random Things blog posts from each student in our class. Feel free to write your own for your blog, or put them in our comment section! We would love to hear from others. Please link back to our blog if you use this idea in your class blog!