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QR code project – part 2

Today we used the Mac Books for exploring different sites with the goal of creating an avatar for our wiki pages.


This was our qr code to get to my sqworl explore page. Try it out if you have a reader on your phone!

Students quickly remembered how to open the finder, search through applications, and to scroll down to find the QRreader.


Here are some of our avatars:







A B C: A Beautiful Classroom!

How would you like to read a book in this classroom?

Comfy cushions

Wouldn’t this area be cozy for reading to yourself?

Read to yourself!

Isn’t this the perfect place for working on word study?


How about word study at this Busy Bee Reading center?


You and your “Just-Right” reading bag… and a comfy cushion


Work on your writing!


Well, you can do all of those things and more in your beautiful classroom!

Spring is here and it is time for a fresh classroom!

Let’s read and learn together. See you on Monday.

Hello Wonderful Ones!

Join the Diversity Rocks! Challenge






Look what I found!  Our class accepts the challenge and is ready to accomplish the mission!  We will be sure to keep track in the classroom with a list on the wall, posting on the blog, and by adding to our Shelfari list.  We will enjoy classifying our books as much as we will continue to enjoy a diverse collection of literature. 

Hello Wonderful Ones!

To parents and teachers,

I am experimenting with building a blog!  I hope to discover and develop ways to use it for teaching and learning.  If you have any comments, questions, or just want to cheer me on, please comment!  I am on a journey, teaching myself by exploring other blogs, reading posts, searching, twittering, and many other exciting things.  More information about my classroom can be found on my web page.