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Monday Blog Quest

This assignment is for my first graders. You are welcome to play along, too! We are going to visit some sites, read some blog posts, play some games, and leave some comments.

from Lizette Greco’s photostream on Flickr

Task #1  Create yourself in Legos!

Task #2 Read Mackenzie’s latest blog post.

Task #3 Leave a comment on one of her posts.

Task #4 Play a Dr. Seuss game to celebrate his birthday.

Celebrate Seuss! (part 3)

Sing along on this snow day, then get out and play!

You can’t stay inside all this wonderful day. – Say,

I can’t rhyme all week long!  What will the kids do?

Their principal will say “Boys and girls, who

Is teaching this week?”  We’ve got stories to tell,

Subtraction to solve, spelling to spell.

It’s time to get going!  We all have to study!

Wait a minute, the kids say.  “Dr. Seuss is our buddy!

It’s his birthday, let’s celebrate just one more day!”

Their teacher just smiled and said “Hip, hip, hooray!”

DiffenDoofer School Song

Please sing the Diffendoofer School song with respect.