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Diversity Jeopardy

We have learned so much about diversity throughout the past two weeks! We talked about what makes us diverse and unique, what diverse culture’s contribute to their communities, and the American values that unite diverse communities.

If you would like to continue learning about diversity you can play Diversity Jeopardy or visit the Diversity WikiSpace. Thank you all for being respectful of our differences and being so excited to learn more about diversity!

~Ms. Berfield


Happy Presidents’ Day, Wonderful Ones!

Happy Presidents’ Day!

From George Washington To Barack Obama – A Long Way

This is an exciting holiday, so soon after the inauguration of our new president.  Please check out this montage of the 44 Presidents.  It is appropriate viewing for the occasion.  I have enjoyed our study of famous Americans with you.  I hope you have, too!   We will finish up with George Washington this week.  I am excited to read your comments!

Now, click on this link to play a Jeopardy game to review our Famous Americans facts.  If you practice today, your team could win a prize this week!