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What’s the Matter?

We are studying matter.

Today we conducted experiments to see which liquids would mix with water and which liquids would not mix with water.

Student reporters tell the results:






(notice my eyeballs popping out?!  – they really did!) Sadie writes and draws about the accident during our experiment when two girls flipped over the container of cooking oil.


Hello Wonderful Ones!

Our class has accepted the Diversity Rocks! challenge.  We decided to read and try to post our progress daily.

Ariel reports: We read two books by African American authors today.

Kayden reports: I picked The Leaving Morning by Angela Johnson because I thought it was going to be a good book.

Charli reports: I thought that Cloudy Day Sunny Day by Donald Crews was going to be a good book.  It was a good book!

We saw our science experiment had a code to embed in our blog and the students were excited about giving that a try… so here is our look at solids and liquids and changing the state of matter.  As of now, the game won’t load all the way, but this is what it looks like.  A link for the game follows: Solids and liquids.