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Thursday’s book reviews and our first voicethread!

Who needs to add more to this student book review?  Excellent reporting by Dalton:

The Gift of the Sacred Dog is a Native American book.  It is by Paul Goble.  It is about some Indians that have no more food and a boy went to the sun and asked it if it would give them more food.  It gave them the sacred dogs.  It said to take good care of them and they will get you more food.  The Gift of the Sacred Dog is a good book from Dalton.

Here is our Famous Americans voice thread.  We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Wonderful Ones on Wednesday!

Today we have two student reporters sharing their Diversity Rocks! picks.  Abby chose The Empress and the Silkworm, by Lily Toy Hong.  It is a Chinese folktale about how the silkworm was discovered.  Belle chose the Native American tale called Star Boy.

Abby writes: I like the pictures and I like when the lades took tea and took the cocoons and dipped them in.  I really liked the silk robe the ladies made.

Belle reports: I like it because it was pretty.  It had a little girl and she went up to the sky with the sun and the moon.

We are working on our voice thread about famous Americans.  We should be finished tomorrow, so come back and hear what we have to say about these great people!

Here is a Lookybook by another Native American author.  Enjoy the wonderful words and pictures.

Diversity Rocks! update

Yesterday’s diversity book was Sukey and the Mermaid.  Jordan is reporting about her choice.  Jacob N. chose The Good Luck Cat.  It is written by a Native American author.  We think that The Good Luck Cat could have really happened.  We also think that Sukey and the Mermaid is make-believe.  We have a slide show showing our Diversity Rocks! challenge poster and a few other happenings around the classroom.

Jacob N. reports: I chose The Good Luck Cat.  It was sad because of the cat’s tail getting hurt. And then the cat ran away. That is my favorite part in the book.  The name is The Good Luck Cat.

Jordan reports: Sukey and the Mermaid was good.  I liked it.  I liked the part when Sukey met the mermaid.

Happy Cold Thursday!

We had another Native American author pick today.  Heather chose Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s Back A Native American Year of Moons by Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London.  Joseph Bruchac is a Native American storyteller.  An example of his storytelling can be seen below on the video.  Enjoy!

Heather reports:  Turtles have thirteen scales and goes slow.  This book had a story for each scale.

It’s Groundhog Day, Wonderful Ones!

We had our first Native American book choice in our Diversity Rocks! Challenge, The Mud Pony by Caron Lee Cohan.  This book was chosen by MacKenzie.  I think she picked it because she has horses and really likes them.

We also graphed our prediction about the groundhog’s shadow on the smartboard.  We visited several fun blogs today, had comments from readers from many places, and wrote back to several.  Have a look at Gail Gibbons’ informational text on Groundhog Day.

MacKenzie reports:  The Mud Pony was an interesting book.  I really really enjoyed it.  It was a good book.  When the boy was little his parents left him.  He started to notice it and went to the river and grabbed some mud and started to make the mud pony.  The mud pony came to life and he helped the boy.  The boy became a chief and the mud pony went back to Mother Nature.