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QR Code Poetry

Our latest QR Code project involved some poetry activities. Reading a spring poem, listening to a spring song, then arranging poetry magnets to make our own poems.
We tried to take screen shots of our poems – this is hard! Our spring poems are on our wiki portfolio page, but a few are on display here.

Raegan’s poem:  Spring

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 9.32.24 PM
Zaina’s spring poem:
Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 9.31.03 PM

Brian’s poem:

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 9.31.37 PM

QR Code Magical Mystery Tour

This was our Smart Board background for the past week. We had been waiting to go on our Magical Mystery Tour with QR Codes and Friday was the big day!


We brought in the new carts of Mac Books. No one in the school had used them yet – how exciting!


After a brief lesson on the track pad and cheers of amazement after discovering the two finger swipe to scroll, we were ready to go.


We opened the QRreader, which connects to the camera of the Mac Book. It will be reading the codes on the cards I had prepared.


We had to spend a few moments looking into the QRreader – because in first grade it is fun to see yourself!

IMG_1641 IMG_1640

Then we were ready to tour! Everyone selected a card and successfully opened their first QR code. No typing in a long URL, no trying to find the correct website in a list on Portaportal, just point and play!

IMG_1644 IMG_1645

Now  watch the fun as we put it all together in our latest video!