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Summer Reading Program

Don’t forget to take part in the Summer Reading Program at the Public Library. The activities sound great, the prizes and rewards are exciting, but the benefits outweigh all those tangibles.

When I was little, my mother signed all four of us girls up for the library’s summer program every year. We had a limit of 5 books each, so we read each other’s books. Twenty books a week, all summer long. We’d climb trees and read books, taking turns being the one to climb down to make trades.

I’m sure there were activities, maybe even prizes; all I can remember is winning a pin each year. I still know where a few of these are… Right now, sticking in the wooden bookshelves in my library.


The thing I cherish most is a love of reading and the wonderful memories of reading with my sisters. Each one of us was and still is a voracious reader- thanks to our mother and the Ouachita Parish Public Library in West Monroe, LA.

Sign up now! The benefits last a lifetime, even if you don’t remember the prize you won!

Lined up and ready to go!


We have finished our first week of school! First graders are practicing all kinds of things in school. Here we are practicing how to line up to go somewhere. We have to face forward, stand quietly, and be still. This helps us stay peaceful and respectful in the hall.

There is something new on the blog today! I have added a page for our Google Calendar. Look at the top of the blog and you will see it. When you click on that page, you will find special dates for our school such as PSA meetings, school pictures, and our special activities scheduled for the week.

We have worked hard this week on learning the expectations for Read to Self, Work on Writing, and Listen to Reading. We even got three Daily 5 practice rounds in on Friday.


Sqworl for math

Sqworl for math

We have a few favorite sqworls in our classroom already: our sqworl for listening to reading, and our sqworl for exploration and fun.

I am working to build a math sqworl that would give some practice on some essential skills for math if you are a new first grader, or a former Wonderful One looking to practice your skills.

Try out some of the activities by clicking on the squirrel… he will take you there!

All Aboard!

The Countdown has begun!

We are counting down the days, hours, and minutes until Polar Express Day!

We will start at 9:00 on Friday, 17th by listening to the story on our morning announcements. We will also watch the movie before lunch.

We can wear our pajamas and we will play Polar Express Bingo with the whole school! I also hear that hot chocolate will be served, so be ready for a cozy day with a good book and good friends!

Listen to what we have to say!

Voicethread is a way to collaborate, communicate, and have conversation about what we are learning.

This week we have made a voicethread about Read to Self.

Read to Self is one of our Daily Five tasks that we will be using every day. We try to stay focused on our books to become better readers and writers while having fun reading!

Please listen to our voicethread to hear what we have to say about our learning, then add your own thoughts about what you like about reading!

Gee… I Wonder


Gee… I Wonder


We are exploring an app on our iPods. It is called Story Kit.

After we practice a story, we can record it on our iPods in the StoryKit app. Then we can go back and add the typed text and illustrate it. After that, we can send it to the StoryKit web site and share our story.

Here is our first one. Sadie is reading a fable from the Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith book Squids Will Be Squids. The fable she chose is called Gee… I Wonder. Click on the story title to go to the story. Then click on the speaker on each page to listen to Sadie reading and look at her wonderful illustrations.


A B C: A Beautiful Classroom!

How would you like to read a book in this classroom?

Comfy cushions

Wouldn’t this area be cozy for reading to yourself?

Read to yourself!

Isn’t this the perfect place for working on word study?


How about word study at this Busy Bee Reading center?


You and your “Just-Right” reading bag… and a comfy cushion


Work on your writing!


Well, you can do all of those things and more in your beautiful classroom!

Spring is here and it is time for a fresh classroom!

Let’s read and learn together. See you on Monday.

RIF comes to our classroom!

We had a visit from Mrs. O, our favorite representative of the Radford Woman’s Club! She brought us a good story and a bag full of books… for free! Amazing! The program is call Reading is Fundamental or RIF for short. This is our first of 3 visits this year.

We got to pick out a book, then we had our names put in them. We can’t wait until the next RIF day. Thank you Mrs. O and the rest of the Radford Woman’s Club!

While exploring the RIF web site, I found some great resources for reading! Try out this one – an Edward Lear poem called Calico Pie!

Calico Pie

Calico Pie

Salem Red Sox visit today

Austin reports: The Red Sox came today.  The Red Sox had a mascot named Mugsy.  He was a dog.  We had to help Mugsy spell baseball.


Dalton writes: Today we had an assembly.  The Red Sox came to school.  Mugsy came.  We helped Mugsy spell baseball and when we came out, we gave him a high five.  I had a good time.

high fives

Abby reports: The Boston Red Sox won the World Series trophy.  Mugsy is silly.  The Red Sox play baseball. Mugsy is a dog. They’ll be playing in April 2009.  Today Salem Red Sox workers and Mugsy were here. Mugsy had a little bit of trouble with his spelling but we helped him by playing a game.

The Salem Red Sox are sponsoring a Reading Incentive program for elementary students.  We have to meet goals for reading to get to first, second, and third base.  We get prizes from the Red Sox when each goal is met.  Our final goal when we cross home plate is a free ticket to a Salem Red Sox game on May 15.

Red Sox

Hello Wonderful Ones!

To parents and teachers,

I am experimenting with building a blog!  I hope to discover and develop ways to use it for teaching and learning.  If you have any comments, questions, or just want to cheer me on, please comment!  I am on a journey, teaching myself by exploring other blogs, reading posts, searching, twittering, and many other exciting things.  More information about my classroom can be found on my web page.