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Help for Haiti

Last week, our principal, Mr. Graham came on our morning news announcements and issued a challenge for the students of McHarg Elementary. He hoped that each of the 500 students in our K-2 school could bring one dollar to donate to our Honeybee Fund – to be given to the American Red Cross on Friday.

He brought to our attention the devastating earthquake that occurred in Haiti – something that I had not yet discussed with the students. I quickly pulled down the world map, grabbed a globe, chose some appropriate literature and switched gears for my lesson plans.

Haiti's Earthquake
Photo from United Nations Development Programme’s Flickr Photostream, attributed with Creative Commons license.

We studied the location of Virginia and Haiti on the world map and the globe. The students were shown some carefully chosen pictures of the suffering in Haiti, hopefully just enough to give them an age-appropriate idea of what was happening. We read a story called Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed and discussed how the small actions of one person could blossom into something bigger.

The Wonderful Ones decided that in addition to donations, that we should draw and write about how this made us feel. It was our hope that by creating this youtube video, others would see it and be inspired to find their own way to assist others in need through their local church, school, the American Red Cross, or other aid organization.

Remember the Hungry!


We have a lot to be thankful for… a great school, our beautiful classroom, a lot of great books, our technology that allows us to reach out to the world,  fabulous parents, and our Wonderful Ones in first grade!

Are you ready to learn a lesson from first graders? It’s a big one! No matter your situation, you can always reach out to help others. Mrs. Wojtera’s Wonderful Ones have been an example to us all.

Donations came in from almost every one of my students – we really did deck the halls for the hungry! Right now we have about 300 non-perishable food items – collected by these 20 caring students.

Way to go Wonderful Ones! You are a caring and giving group!


If you are in the Radford area and have a need, click on the link below for information.


Shamrock Run today!


Five good reasons that you should be at Bissett Park today for the Shamrock Run!

  1. It’s for a good cause!
  2. It will be fun.
  3. It’s only $5.00 for kids.
  4. You’ll see Mr. Graham.
  5. You’ll get exercise!

So, bundle up, because the high today will be 32 degrees and support the Honeybee Fund!

Well Wishes for our Australian friends

Hello to all, but a big hello to Sue’s Junior Crew!  We are glad to hear that you all are well at this time.  Know that you have been in the thoughts of Mrs. Wojtera’s Wonderful Ones.

We had to write and draw to share our thoughts.  Enjoy our Photo Story 3 project.

Alternatively you can download our video australia and watch it on your computer!