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Good evening Wonderful Ones!

Our class enjoyed many books about Martin Luther King, Jr. last week, found on our Shelfari below.  The students were very interested in his life and the times in which he grew up.  They were amazed to find out that I was alive in those times… although I was a mere child;) .  I wanted to include David Adler’s biography on MLK, Jr.  on Lookybook.  Read, discuss, and enjoy!

Hello Wonderful Ones!

Join the Diversity Rocks! Challenge






Look what I found!  Our class accepts the challenge and is ready to accomplish the mission!  We will be sure to keep track in the classroom with a list on the wall, posting on the blog, and by adding to our Shelfari list.  We will enjoy classifying our books as much as we will continue to enjoy a diverse collection of literature.