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Silent e strikes again!

Hello Wonderful Ones.  I hope you are outside playing on this beautiful weekend!  It is 65 degrees right now… much better than the 9 degrees yesterday morning.  I missed you on Friday.  Christopher is out of the hospital, I will tell you all about it on Monday.  He is fine, but had to have a surgery. 

I am at home, making sure that he takes it easy today.  I wil drive him back to college on Sunday, because he can’t drive himself yet.  Enjoy this silent e video… a new song to get stuck in our heads!
See you on Monday!

Icy Tuesday to my Wonderful Ones!

I hope you got to sleep in this morning!  Enjoy your day off, but don’t forget to read some books!  Wasn’t that silent e video fun yesterday?  “Silent e is a ninja, doesn’t make a peep”… according to this Electric Company video.  Watch and learn!

 It’s Jacob D.’s turn to choose a book and report in our blog, so stay tuned! 

Happy Weekend Wonderful Ones!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  I found this old video on silent e that I know you all will like.  We have spelling words this week with silent e!  Watch the movie, read the words, sing along… have fun!

 If you like the silent e video, leave me a comment!  We will read them at school on Monday.  See you then!