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Writing and Art – a perfect pairing

A talented class of art students are collaborating with Mrs. Wojtera’s Wonderful Ones on a regular basis this year.

Each month, Mrs. Reese brings one of her art classes from Radford High School to visit and mentor these young writers. Our main focus has been personal narrative – or as Lucy Calkins calls it –  a “small moment” story. As our writing fluency improves, the pairs are now able to spend some time collaborating on the artwork, as well.

We work toward telling a small moment story, by taking inspiration from reading and studying stories that model this ‘little slice of time’.  Some of our favorites have been A Chair for My Mother by Vera Williams and The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

The relationships that my students are building are priceless. They feel a connection and work to write their best. I hope that the high school students are getting as much out of this as we are!

There are people on couches, floors, sitting at small tables, at desks, on pillows, – all over the classroom! The energy fills the room! Check out these photos from their last visit on Friday.

IMG_6446 IMG_6445 IMG_6451 IMG_6450 IMG_6449 IMG_6448 IMG_6447

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

IMG_6259IMG_6260   by Miles

This is how I decorate my Christmas tree. First we put on the lights. Then we put on the ornaments. Then the star. But this year we might not have a star. Then me and my brother eat a candy cane. Then my mom and my dad put the rug under the tree. I love to decorate my tree.

IMG_6258by Kalee

This is how I decorate my Christmas tree. First I put on the lights. Then me and my sister put on the ornaments. And my mommy and daddy helped too. We step back. It looks good.


IMG_6261 by Madeline

This is how I decorate my Christmas tree. First I put on lights. Then I and my mommy and daddy put on the ornaments. Some times it looks messy. Then we put paper soft snow flakes on. Last we put on the angel. I love decorating Christmas trees. Ho ho ho!


IMG_6262by Brenna

This is how I decorate my Christmas tree. First I put the lights. Then I put the ornaments. Then I sit out the milk and the cookies.


IMG_6263by Brealeigh

This is how I decorate my Christmas tree. First my mom puts the star on the tree. I put the ornaments on the tree. My mom puts the lights on the tree. I love my tree.

Small Group Work

IMG_5105 IMG_5106 IMG_5107 IMG_5108 IMG_5112



We worked in small groups today to construct a graphic organizer that summarized the literary elements of a story we read earlier.

Students chose a writer and a reporter, other participants worked collaboratively on supplying ideas and correct spelling.

It is fun to see what we can do together.


Blue Jays by Sam

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 1.37.12 PM

permission by flickr creative commons

I like blue jays because they sing beautiful. They are birds. They are blue. Their chest is white and a black beak and black spots on their back. Blue jays have cool feathers. Girl blue jays have eggs. The blue jays are one of the medium birds. I like birds. I like every part of every bird.


A Fly in my Eye by Sofia and her friends

sofia gnat

Today at recess a gnat got in Sofia’s eye. She went to the nurse and the nurse said to keep rubbing it. It worked! The gnat came out later.



compound eye

We decided to look through the microscope to see Sofia’s gnat. We could see the compound eyes, the wings, the back and the whole body.


We liked looking through the microscope. Sofia did not like getting a gnat in her eye.

Snakes by Elijah

I love snakes and they are very dangerous and they are very mean. But they can be nice.

But the way that you can tell that they are nice or mean is their face. If the face is a triangle or if it is a oval.

There are kinds of rattlesnakes. There is a snake called a cotton mouth. All of these snakes are fast, even the nice ones.

School Advice by Eli G.

If you be kind you can make friends. If somebody is bullying someone, tell a teacher or another adult.

Listen to your teacher. Always follow directions. Keep yourself to your self.

Be quiet when a teacher is reading. Sit crisscross apple sauce. Stay in one spot.

Don’t interrupt while the teacher’s talking. Never say mean things about anybody. It will hurt their feelings.

Never roll on the carpet.


My Pet Dinosaur by Helen

One day my pet dinosaur went to school with me. He is invisible.

Before we clothed the garage door, he ran out and chased the car to school.

Then he sits on the rug to listen to a story and morning announcements, then does Daily 5. He is going to do Read to Self because he likes to read. I’m going to read with him.

Then we do math. We use math boards for math. Then we go to lunch to eat pizza. Then we leave. First, we throw our trash away, then get in a line.

Then we go to class and do word study and sort and quick name. Then we get a book from the reading castle and read it.

Saber Tooth Tigers by Samantha

Saber tooth tigers lived with the dinosaurs. They had long fangs. They ate meat.

Saber tooth tigers were the big cats of the past. They were cool and dangerous.

They are exciting like dinosaurs. They look like cheetahs without spots and long fangs. They had sharp claws. They use their claws to hunt and protect. They eat meat.  They hunted dinos like tyrannosaurs.

Saber tooth fossils might be in museums. Saber tooth tigers are awesome!