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Summer Blogging Project


Mackenzie F. is the winner of the Wojtera’s Wonderful Ones Summer Blogging Project! She has been a faithful blogging participant all summer long.

Her adventures from coast to coast are detailed here on this blog. She has reader comments from around the globe and I am very proud of her. Below is a list of her stories (linked, of course!), so you can see why she is a winning writer!

Mackenzie, come down to my classroom and claim your prize!

The Chicken Coop

Fishing and Horseback Riding

Mackenzie’s Beach Story

Mackenzie’s Trip to San Francisco, CA

Mackenzie’s Trip to Washington, D.C.

Mackenzie’s Trip to Washington, D.C.

We went to Washington, D.C. and we saw my cousins Nina, Natalie, and Nicholas.

We saw the Washington Monument. It was very tall. We saw the White House, the Capitol, the Lincoln and the Jefferson Memorials, the World War I and II Memorials, and the Korean War Memorial.

We also went to the National Gallery of Art and saw the suits of armor. We saw the Sculpture Gardens and the Smithsonian. It had the Hope Diamond and a big elephant and dinosaur skeletons and lots of fossils. It was very neat.

Mackenzie’s trip to San Francisco, California

I went to San Francisco, California to see my grandaddy Shelton. We had to drive to Charlotte, North Carolina. We had to take a plane from Charlotte, NC to Dallas, Texas and a plane from Dallas, Texas to San Francisco, CA. It was 3,000 miles!

We went to Muir Woods. We saw the oldest and tallest trees in the world. The Redwoods were the tallest trees! We saw a cute baby boy deer.

We went to Salsalito and saw lots of boats. We took a cruise ship under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz which is an old jail. Nobody ever escaped alive!! The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t really golden. It’s a reddish color. It’s supposed to be International orange.

We went down Lombard Street. It’s the crookedest road in the world. We walked up and down it. I rode a cable car which is like a caboose on a train. We saw some hang gliders. The ran off the clif and they soared everywhere.

I stuck my toe in the Pacific Ocean. It was cold!! I found a sand dollar.

It was my grandaddy’s birthday. He turned 84! It was cold and foggy in San Francisco but I had a great time!

Summer time!

a favorite vacation

School is out and that means we start thinking about taking vacation away from school, phones, email, yes, even the class blog.

To my family, the summer isn’t complete without a trip to the beach. We don’t always get to go, but we sure love going. Favorite destinations have been Destin, Florida, Edisto Island, South Carolina, and Sanibel Island, Florida (pictured above, summer of 2008).

This year we are fortunate enough to get to go back to Sanibel Island and I can’t wait!

Check in on our progress with our summer blogging project! We are hoping for more student stories like The Chicken Coop during the summer months. Wasn’t that great? I’ve got another one in the works from Mackenzie! Thanks, Mackenzie!

I will also be publishing student stories every few days – these were the last six weeks’ “best pieces” from our journals. The children decided on what to publish, I scanned their art work, and the posts are sitting in storage, ready for me to press publish. Just a few at a time… we’ve got to make it last!

The Chicken Coop

Me and my mom went to the store and bought paint. Guess why? I was going to paint my chicken coop! The color I picked out was petal pink. My mom helped me paint it. We had to paint on two coats of paint. After a couple of days my mom bought these little marker things that had paint in them. I did lots of designs. I drew chickens, rainbows, the sky, and suns.

There was a door that I drew on for the eggs so I could open the door and grab them. I drew a picture of eggs on it. There was another door so I could feed them. I drew a picture of them eating. There was also a place for them to roost.

There is also a box thing that they use the restroom in. I wrote cleanout, yuck!! My mom told me to write my job on it, but I said no. I did not draw a picture of them using the restroom. That would embarrass me. It is a cool, cute, beautiful chicken coop!

Calling all student bloggers!

Calling all student bloggers!

Mrs. Wojtera’s Wonderful Ones are invited to participate in the first summer blogging project!  It’s easy as one, two, three!

  1. Do something fun this summer! Fishing, swimming, going on vacation, a picnic at the park, most anything will do!
  2. Write about it! Check your work. You can include some digital pictures, if you like. (See the information sent home for rules about digital photography!)
  3. Type your story and have a parent help you sent it to me by e-mail. Attach the digital photo if you have one.

I will take care of the post! You visit the blog and comment often. It will be fun to keep up with your friends and see what they are doing this summer. Don’t forget that the public library has computers to use for free!

Remember to follow our safety rules for photography!