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The Praying Mantis

I found a praying mantis yesterday and brought it to school today. We all were excited to create a habitat for observation of our new friend.


We gave it sticks to climb, moss to stand on, and misted it with water. We learned how to hunt for the best crickets on the playground! Then we watched him eat…

IMG_5860 IMG_5859


Click these links for video of our praying mantis eating a cricket and then cleaning his face like a cat!



Pete the Cat Pumpkin won the popular vote!


Our school had a pumpkin decorating contest. Our class voted to decorate the pumpkin as Pete the Cat. I really wanted Fly Guy, but maybe next year.

It was a good thing we listened to the popular vote in the classroom, because Pete the Cat won this year. I think it was the beautiful painting that Glenn and Katherine did on the body of our pumpkin!

Pumpkin Patch trip




We had such a great time at the Pumpkin Patch this week. We studied all about the parts of the pumpkin, the pumpkin life cycle, and then experienced it all out on the farm. We took many pictures and videos – all posted on our web page. See below for links and enjoy!

1194984146175437061zucca_architetto_frances_01.svg.med Click here for photos.

1194984146175437061zucca_architetto_frances_01.svg.medClick here for videos.

Toys in Motion

We have been discovering about force, motion, and energy for the last two weeks.

We ended our science study with several days of experiments with toys to discover what motion they have: straight, circular, or back and forth.

We used a data collection sheet to write and draw our information we were learning, then we talked about our results.

 Click here to watch our video!

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

We have been reading books and studying plants to help us understand the life cycle of the pumpkin. This week we cut the top off a pumpkin and poured in some soil.

We hope the seeds inside will sprout, giving us a good look at the root system, the seed leaves, and more! We will keep you posted.

We made life cycle projects over the last two days and some students practiced their story-telling and performed on video. Enjoy!

What Dissolves?

Our class has been studying the properties of three states of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. We mixed different liquids together to see what would happen. Some would mix, some would not.

We tried to dissolve some solids into liquids. Some would dissolve, some would not.

Thanks to Casey for helping us with our experiments!