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Thanksgiving Writing

We participated in a Thanksgiving Wiki set up by a 3rd grade teacher in Nebraska. She invited a 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade class from around the United States to share their Thanksgiving ideas.


Open this link by clicking on the turkey, then look on the left for our first grade class page. Enjoy the other class pages and see what Thanksgiving traditions take place in other states.

We had some students write and illustrate stories about what they will do on Thanksgiving. Others wrote sequenced stories about how to get ready for Thanksgiving. One group wrote comic strips, recorded their narration, and made a videos.

We also posted our writing on our own wikipages. Check it out!



QR Code Poetry

Our latest QR Code project involved some poetry activities. Reading a spring poem, listening to a spring song, then arranging poetry magnets to make our own poems.
We tried to take screen shots of our poems – this is hard! Our spring poems are on our wiki portfolio page, but a few are on display here.

Raegan’s poem:  Spring

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 9.32.24 PM
Zaina’s spring poem:
Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 9.31.03 PM

Brian’s poem:

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 9.31.37 PM

Animal Traits


permission by flickrcc

We have been reading and studying about animals, their life needs, and physical characteristics. Each Wonderful One chose a book about an animal and used it to fill in an outline about the animal, then illustrated it. Over the next few days, I will include several of the students’ reports and illustrations as blog posts.

Each student’s illustration and report will be on their wiki page. Just click on the wikispace link on the blog, then on to student pages to find everyone’s stories.

Diversity Jeopardy

We have learned so much about diversity throughout the past two weeks! We talked about what makes us diverse and unique, what diverse culture’s contribute to their communities, and the American values that unite diverse communities.

If you would like to continue learning about diversity you can play Diversity Jeopardy or visit the Diversity WikiSpace. Thank you all for being respectful of our differences and being so excited to learn more about diversity!

~Ms. Berfield


Celebrations everywhere!

Part of celebrating cultural diversity is learning about different kinds of celebrations around the world, around Virginia, around our school, and at our own homes.

Ms. Berfield had the students write about the diverse celebrations that they experience at home. Their work can be found on the Diversity Wiki, along with the stories that our pen pals from Spotsylvania have added to our wiki.

Even our Physical Education class is celebrating! Watch our newest youtube and check out the Twelve Days of Gym Class!

Diversity in Virginia

diversity quilt

diversity quilt

Our student teacher, Ms. Berfield has been teaching about the Diversity of Virginians.

She taught us that communities in Virginia include people of many ethnic origins who come from different places around the world.


We played games to work together, read books that taught us lessons about respecting diversity, and made many projects that can be seen on our new wikispace. Click here to see the Diversity in Virginia wiki!

Verbs – Our actions

We have been talking about verbs! Remember, a verb is your action – it’s what you do!

We demonstrated verbs, wrote verbs, and even put our featured book character, Dan into action with verbs.

Sadie, Sam, Emma H.-C., and Grayson have their Dan action pictures on their own wiki page today… check out their links or the link to the student pages!

Here is a game that shows you some action words in action! It is fun to look at – try it out!


Sunday Sing Along

Enjoy this old song… you can read the words as you listen.   Sing along!  Peek in on the wiki later for a new look.  I’m working to ‘fancy ‘ it up a bit.  Your new word wall words are added, too. 


Hello Wonderful Ones!

our special seat to read our writing

This is our special chair.  We will sit in it to read our stories that we write.  You are invited to come and read to us and then you will get to use the reading chair! 

Notice our wiki badge on the right.  It now has our weekly word wall list.  Please open and print to study your word wall words.  It has the February menu (which is not being sent out on paper unless requested), and our January and February Curriculum Calendar.  I would love for you to see the Curriculum Calendar.  It is an overall view of what we are working on during the month, referenced with SOLs.  I hope it is easy for you to use.  If you encounter any problems accessing these forms, feel free to e-mail, leave a comment, or call me at school.