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Word Work @ Home

Here is a question that I get asked often by parents: “What could we be doing at home to help our child?”


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My first answer is always read aloud every day! This not only helps your child grow as a reader and writer, listener and speaker, but it creates a bond unlike anything else. Having this special time together is precious – don’t wait another moment.

Today, my 2nd and 3rd answers are about word work. We work on words to become better readers and writers. We love to communicate and want to do it well. Here are two ways to practice at home.

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Word Wall Word videos: we do these almost every day as individuals on our iPods. The videos are also on our wikispace, found on the forms and announcements pages. Check your child on these 3 videos. If they are not up to date on all the words, you know which ones to target for extra study.

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Spelling City: After our periodic Developmental Spelling Assessments, the children are placed in a developmentally appropriate place for their learning. They may be ready for long vowel spellings, beginning blends, or they may be ready for ending blends and digraphs. Your child knows in which group they are working – just ask them! (If they have a momentary lapse… just e-mail me!) 🙂

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Spelling City gives us a chance to work at our own level, making our learning much more powerful. Spelling lists were created by our first grade team to go along with our word sorts and word study notebooks. Each week, a new list of words will be added to the website. The students will have about 2 days of practice during the week, but you can give them a little homework on Spelling City a few days a week. About 15-20 minutes will make a big difference!

Word Wall Words (2nd six weeks)

Every day we work on improving our literacy by practicing The Daily Five components: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Work on Writing, and Listen to Reading.

Our Word Work sessions always start with our Word Wall videos on our iPods. Our goal is to try to read the word before we hear the recorded word. This daily practice only takes 5 minutes, but it is making a difference in our learning!


Here are the 2nd six weeks of word wall words. Now you can practice at home! If you want to review the 1st six weeks words, click here… or click on word wall words in the tag section.

word wall words unit 2

Word Wall Word practice


Our first six weeks of word wall words (high-frequency words) are on our iPods, so I thought they might be helpful on the blog. We have been practicing on our iPods and on the smartboard. Play along at home to see if you can read the words before I do!

Being able to read all of these words smoothly and accurately will make you a better reader!

Word Wall Words – Unit 1 with recording 1